Welcome to Précis

What is Précis?

An online obituary-writing service staffed by professional writers who transform unforgettable lives into unforgettable stories.

What is the Précis concept?

Crafting a memorable obituary is an art. Précis narratives capture the essence of individuals, their joys, sorrows, triumphs and milestones. That amusing trait, annoying habit, witty turn-of-phrase, such delicious details bring the loved one alive on the page—or in a eulogy.

Once published on ThePrécis.com, these illustrated stories become treasured keepsakes, a way to indelibly etch the memory of that special someone into a lasting tribute, one always available to revisit, share with others and bequeath to future generations.

Who does Précis serve?

Précis creates memorable obituaries for:

  • Grieving families immersed in final arrangements.
  • Those wanting control over their own end-of-life arrangements.
  • Newspaper editors desiring biographical obituaries about notable members of the community.
  • Family historians documenting the life and accomplishments of ancestors.
  • Those suffering other forms of loss, including that of an adored pet.

Because grief wears many faces, Précis departs from the traditional obituary-writing service by profiling other kinds of loss: the end of a marriage, a job layoff, a rejected manuscript, an atrocity in Darfur, the demise of a beloved pet, a failed romance, a doomed run on American Idol. Whether humorous, pointedly political, or a heartfelt expression of personal remorse, Précis gives voice (within the bounds of good taste) to those who might otherwise remain silent.

*Précis: a concise summary of essential points, statements, or facts