An online obituary-writing service staffed by professional writers who transform unforgettable lives into unforgettable stories.

Crafting a memorable obituary is an art. Précis narratives capture the essence of individuals, their joys, sorrows, triumphs and milestones. That amusing trait, annoying habit, witty turn-of-phrase, such delicious details bring the loved one alive on the page—or in a eulogy.

Once published on ThePré, these illustrated stories become treasured keepsakes, a way to indelibly etch the memory of that special someone into a lasting tribute, one always available to revisit, share with others and bequeath to future generations.

Précis creates memorable obituaries for:

  • Grieving families immersed in final arrangements.
  • Those wanting control over their own end-of-life arrangements.
  • Newspaper editors desiring biographical obituaries about notable members of the community.
  • Family historians documenting the life and accomplishments of ancestors.
  • Those suffering other forms of loss.

Because grief wears many faces, Précis departs from the traditional obituary-writing service by profiling other kinds of loss: the end of a marriage, a job layoff, a rejected manuscript, an atrocity in Darfur, the demise of a beloved pet, a failed romance, a doomed run on American Idol. Whether humorous, pointedly political, or a heartfelt expression of personal remorse, Précis gives voice (within the bounds of good taste) to those who might otherwise remain silent.

Tony Snow
Clay Felker
McCarthy USM
Glimpse USM
Smith USA
Cyd Charisse
Sydney Pollack
Tim Russert
Denis Payton
& Mike Smith
Arthur Clarke
Gary Gygax
Heath Ledger
Irv Letofsky
This is a love story. About sharks, the sea, a Bavarian girl named Stefanie-and a whole bunch of big tough guys who broke down in tears after Jimmy Hall fell to his death on May 9 when a base-jump off a 3,000 ft. sea cliff..(click for more)
Elizabeth "Betsy" Burke Schottke, an award-winning Rancho Santa Fe artist who struggled to preserve her ability to paint impressionist oils, even as Alzheimer's began its relentless assault on her mind, died on August 22, 1993...(click for more)
Dominic Alfred Leone, a larger than life character who dressed like a high roller and went AWOL from the army in 1942 to marry the woman he loved, died of respiratory failure in Los Angeles on September 16, 2003....(click for more)

How we felt when Magneto left us, well, you cannot fathom our grief.  So young, less than two years old, so full of promise
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Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress best known for strolling red carpets and uttering "That's hot!", succumbed to what LA County Sheriff Lee Baca termed "increasing deterioration"
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