Procedures and fees

How does it work?

Précis operates via email, telephone, fax, regular and overnight mail. Clients are sent a form requesting background information on the deceased, everything from favorite TV shows to distinguishing physical characteristics. Follow-up questions elicit additional details, the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Upon completion of a first draft (often within 24 hours), the obituary is returned to the client for edits and revisions. A final version is then presented for dispersal to media, use in tributes or eulogies, or to share with loved ones. Immediate posting on ThePré gives family and friends access to a compelling end-of-life story, accompanying photos and relevant information, such as time and place of services and/or donation preferences.

For those contracting for obituaries in advance of death, a final draft is provided as an email attachment or on a disk. Video consulting is available for anyone seeking to videotape an obituary ahead of time.

Précis posts by-line obituaries from contributors (see Fees below), provided the stories conform to our reportorial standards and requirements. All such submissions undergo extensive fact checking and editing and, if necessary, a rewrite by staff.

Above instructions apply to Pet Tributes as well, although these stories are completed in a much shorter time*.


Précis charges $50 per hour to craft an original obituary with a $50 advance. Depending on the length and degree of detail, a final obituary (600 to 1,000 words) averages between $250 and $350, including hosting on our website. (See Price Comparison below.) Fees for by-line obits from outside contributors begin at $100. Reduced rates may apply to Précis’ mortuary clients, and tributes to those killed in service to our country are 100% free.

Pet Tributes range from $50 to $100

Price Comparison:

A 1,000-word custom-written Précis obit, including hosting and photos, (See Elizabeth “Betsy” Schottke) runs about $300. To place a 1,000-word display obit (with photo) in the Los Angeles Times costs about $4,000.

Précis accepts all major credit cards