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About Kathy Lowrie

Formerly a staff reporter on three newspapers, Kathy Lowrie is an accomplished journalist with a diverse background in writing celebrity profiles. Her long experience freelancing for publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, and Palm Springs Life has given her a deep understanding of people and their stories. “Keep in mind,” Kathy cautioned, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) can never equal the interviewing, editing, and polishing ability of a seasoned professional.” And AI certainly can’t illustrate a story and post it online. 🙂




April 4, 1979 to January 22, 2008

He had a somewhat lumpy face, a bit of a goofy smile and an undistinguished nose.


1934 to 2022

If Jack Daybell centered those ice-blue Paul Newman eyes your way


September 4, 2009 to July 8, 2015

Fergie, a pure-bred English Labrador Retriever with big, brown