About Us

The Précis is the creation of Katharine Blossom Lowrie, a journalist who came to write obituaries by way of her late mother. When Kathy, an award-winning reporter, found her mom’s obituary “extraordinarily difficult and painful to write,” she wondered what those without her training and experience endured.

“With so many final arrangements demanding a family’s immediate attention, I recognized the service as not only needed, but valuable,” Kathy said. “Mourners long for a worthy tribute to a loved one.”

Obituaries are often brief summaries of a person’s life, but Kathy has the ability to delve beyond the surface and explore the complexities that make each person unique. “The joy comes in discovering those definitive quirks and mannerisms, the little nuances that flesh out living, breathing individuals.”

(Below is a link to an article about Kathy on Funeralwise.)

My Name is Katharine Lowrie and I Talk to Dead People