1937 to 2021

She cherished her family

Ernestine Oseguera—a vivacious woman who adored life, cherished her family, and held unshakable faith in the Lord—passed away of liver cancer at her son’s home in Riverside, CA, on February 11, 2021. She was 83.

A savory mix of Texas Mexican, Spanish, French, and Aztec Indian, Ernestine, known as Ernee to her friends, loved nothing more than celebrating the holidays. Whether it was her brown-sugar ham and lemon squares for Thanksgiving or the tons of tamales whipped up before New Year’s Day, Ernestine—surrounded by her enormous family—made the most of any event.

Laughing, sharing stories, and cracking jokes in English and Spanish reigned throughout every holiday, the music of Freddy Fender playing in the background. Fender, a country-rock legend in Texas, was Ernestine’s cousin.

Helped raise her siblings

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1939 to 2020

“A force to be reckoned with”

Pat and husband Bob Woolever.

Patricia Ann Woolever—a woman who prized loyalty, always spoke her mind, and adored living in the High Sierras—passed away from heart and lung problems at home in Graeagle, CA on December 24, 2020, her beloved husband Robert at her side. She was 81.

Pat, as many called her, was a straight shooter. She rarely candy-coated anything, and her friends loved her for it, son Ron Rhone said. “Others found her truthful to a fault,” he added with a chuckle.

Daughter Darci Depweg describes her mom as a “force to be reckoned with.”

The first of three children, Patricia Ann Nowels was born July 26, 1939, in Bakersfield, CA. She and her two brothers, Butch and Jimmy, endured a challenging childhood, which Pat, a fighter, sought to overcome.

Her de facto parents

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1927 – 2021

Lived life to the fullest

Bob’s birthday in 2011 with his exuberant son Paul.

Robert Lee Boothe—a man of unparalleled devotion to his wife and children who excelled in business, the military, dog breeding, flying, and fidelity to his Methodist faith—passed away of congestive heart failure at Eden Hill Communities in New Braunfels, TX, on March 20, 2021, his children and granddaughter at his side. He was 93.

It is no cliché to say that Bob, as most called him, lived life to the fullest. Whether it was clinching an oil-land deal, breeding his adored Beagles, learning aerobatics, or attending his children’s recitals, he did it with the same commitment and zeal he devoted to serving his country as a U.S. Army officer.

The first of two children, Bob was born August 6, 1927, in Shreveport, LA, to Smith Robinson, a housewife, and Robert E. Boothe, who worked at Halliburton, a multinational oil company, which required the family to move often.

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1926 – 2021

A devilish sense of humor

Forrest Andrew Reed—a veterinarian with a devilish sense of humor who treasured animals almost more than people (his beloved wife and four sons excepted, of course)—passed away of a brain hematoma in Richfield, Ohio on Saturday, March 13, 2021, his remaining sons at his side. He was 94.

The first in a line of Eagle Scouts, Forrest helped son Gary and grandsons Forrest John and Justin achieve the same rank. But Marv Bortz, who grew up next door to the man he described as his best friend, claimed Forrest  “duped the Boy Scouts into making him an Eagle Scout” without having accomplished any of the required tasks.

Knowing Forrest’s humor and the way he joked around, Bortz’ assertion remains questionable.

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2015 TO 2021

Touched many lives

[Editors Note: Loved reading James Haberlen’s tribute to Keanu.]

RIP our beloved Keanu. It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing our beloved cat, “Keanu”. We are heartbroken. Keanu was diagnosed with a severe case of lymphoma cancer on Friday and needed to be put to sleep. He was barely 6 years old.

I’m posting [on Nextdoor] because I know how many lives he touched, particularly those who walked the block of Rockefeller between Rindge and Blossom during the pandemic. He was hands down the most special and unique cat I have ever met. Since we first found and adopted him from the under the power lines on Rockefeller 5 years ago, he’s brought endless love and laughter to us and the folks who walk by the Rockefeller/ Rindge area.

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