Dog in carrier bag.


Unknown To 2021

by Claire O’Brien 

Pint-sized, but made a huge impression

Charlie, a scruffy white Chihuahua-Terrier mix, passed away May 25, 2021, surrounded by friends. Charlie, age unknown, had been living on the streets of Uvita, Costa Rica, for some time before being adopted by the O’Brien family. 

I met Charlie while waiting in the reception of the local vet clinic in Uvita, Costa Rica, with my own rescue dog. A family of American tourists entered with panicked energy. They’d found a senior dog in the road and couldn’t find his owner. To their surprise and disappointment, the local animal shelters were full and would not accept another stray animal.  As a last resort, they’d arrived at the vet hoping to find a solution before flying home to Denver the following day. The young boy leading this crusade had named the weak, deaf, and blind mutt “Charlie.” Overhearing the commotion, I gave the family my phone number; the next day, Charlie had a home brimming with love and possibilities. Continue reading “CHARLIE”