October 9, 1942 to October 17, 2018

He sensed his calling

Teacher, youth counselor, and Baptist pastor, Charles Joseph Davis—a deeply religious man who sensed his calling at an early age—succumbed to pancreatic cancer on Wednesday, October 17, at his home in Woodstock, GA, his wife of 51 years, Ellen, at his side. He was 76.

Despite the serious role he assumed in life, Joe—as he preferred to be called—always had a twinkle in his blue eyes and a welcoming grin on his face. He adored people and was most at home ministering to those in need.

Refusing to take himself too seriously, on the other hand, he relished playing practical jokes on his family, friends and students.

A loving home

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March 18, 1924 to July 5, 2018

Unquenchable faith in others 

Cletus E. Ballweg—a man who possessed a vigorous personality, joyful nature, and an unquenchable faith in others, especially family—died Thursday, July 5, 2018 at Otterbein Nursing Home in St. Marys, Ohio.

He was 94.

According to his grandson, a quote of writer Albert Pike’s perfectly fits his beloved grandfather: “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us: what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

One of six children, including two brothers and three sisters, Cletus was born March 18, 1924, in Shelby County, OH to Edward and Minnie (Townsend) Ballweg. He grew up on a dairy farm during the Great Depression and learned the value of hard work. Cletus would often recall how his father wouldn’t allow him to get a job until his younger brothers came of age and took over his work on the farm.

16 hour work days

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February 17, 1950 to February 15, 2018

A virtuoso entrepreneur

Donald (right) and his brother James

Donald Franklin Stevens—a virtuoso entrepreneur, passionate Dallas Cowboys fan, and devout Pentecostal Christian—passed away on Thursday, February 15, 2018, at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, CA.

Donald was just two days short of his 68th birthday when he transitioned to everlasting life.

A powerhouse when it came to business, Donald operated the fastest-growing Pepperidge Farms franchise in Southern California, later transitioning into a Food Distributorship, servicing Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties. He was equally known as a big-hearted philanthropist, especially when it came to his eight brothers and sisters.

“Donald helped every sibling who followed him to California,” his brother James Stevens said.  “He never made you feel like you were imposing after inviting you to live with him until you were ready to strike out own your own.”

Shared a four-bedroom “shotgun” house




May 10, 1989 to February 12, 2018

A heart of gold

Max Edward Kohley—a young man of enormous humor and warmth—passed away suddenly on Wednesday, February 12, 2018 at Valley West Community Hospital, in Sandwich, IL.

He was just 28.

If Max had to say farewell at such an early age, it seems somehow appropriate it happened near Valentine’s Day. His heart was made of pure gold, his father said, and he would rush to help anyone anytime.

Max was born May 10, 1989, in St. Charles, IL to Julie and Ralph Kohley. He attended Kaneland High School, in Maple Park, where he played baseball and basketball. But his favorite times were helping his grandfather, Ralph Kohley Sr., on his grain farm. There’s a video of Max driving a tractor and cutting grain on his Facebook Page with the words: “I miss this.”

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May 13, 1955 to January 13, 2018

By George Marshall Lerner

Achieved heights few could match

 Jonathan Laster Lerner, 62, passed away from a rare form of cancer, on January 13, 2018, in Chicago, IL. At 6-feet tall and built like a tank, he enjoyed a thirty-five-year career as a commodities trader. Priding himself on never having been shoved out of the way, or muffled during the harangues at each closing bell, he achieved heights few people could match on the trading floor.

The son of immigrants, Jonathan was born in Port Washington, NY, on May 13, 1955 to Reby Lerner, a housewife, and Joseph Lerner, a veteran of World War II, who served in the Third Infantry Division. The eldest of three brothers, he attended Paul Schreiber High School, where he graduated with honors, in 1972.


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