1985 to 2021

Protective, lively, and relentlessly loyal

Kyle and his Nicole.

Joshua Kyle Hyden—a protective, lively, and relentlessly loyal young man whose premature death left his family shocked and devastated—passed away at North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville, FL, on December 3rd, 2021, his wife Nicole, parents Joy and Rodney, and Aunt Karen at his side.

Kyle with his “Papa Jack”.

The oldest of two children, Kyle, as he preferred to be known, was born April 4, 1985, in Gainesville, FL to Joy and Rodney Hyden, owner of BHB Builders, a construction company. As a child, he adored his grandfather, Jackson “Jack” Hyden, or Papa Jack, as he called him.

Kyle grew up fishing and hunting with his father. He spent summers at the local springs in Central Florida, swimming and barbecuing with friends and family and stalking game and fishing with his maternal grandfather, Ted H. Mathis, known as Epa. He attended Gainesville High School and learned carpentry from Papa Jack. There was nothing Kyle couldn’t build, operate or repair, something that also bonded him with his dad, Rodney, who taught his son the construction business—from operating heavy equipment to concrete masonry.

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1942 – 2021

A passion for art

Elizabeth Gail Willhardt—whose passion for art prompted her to trade her law career for painting—passed away from cancer at home in Venice, CA on, August 18, 2021, surrounded by the love of her partner Max Diamond, cousin Greg Violand, and friend Janet Zarem. She was 79.

A woman of immense perseverance, fearlessness, and creativity, Gail was known for overcoming obstacles, whether it came to her law career, the art world, recovering from a serious auto accident, even dealing with cancer. She accepted any challenge with nobility and grace, inspiring her family, friends, fellow church congregants, meditation group and, most of all, Max.

When Gail discovered that her true calling was art, for example, she walked away from her law practice and started to paint. Three different periods characterize her work: still-life watercolors, photorealistic paintings of rock formations, and abstract art.

A lover of music




2005 to 2021

“A beaming light for Oxford”

[Editor’s Note: This unofficial obituary for Tate Myre was compiled from various news accounts. Although Tate was one of four who died in the mass shooting at Oxford High School on Tuesday, November 30th, the young football star was the sole student who rushed toward the gunman in an effort to disarm him. The shooter’s name is purposely withheld.]

According to the Detroit Free Press, Buck Myre, Tate’s dad, was searching for his son at a staging area for survivors in Michigan and asking, “Where’s Tate?”

JR Laefner, the public address announcer at Oxford football games and a Myre family friend, said: “I was walking with Buck and we couldn’t find Tate.”

Then, Buck Myre came to a sudden realization.

“Buck looked right at me,” Laefner said, “and he said: ‘You know who would go take that guy out, right?’”

“I know,” Laefner said.

He ran toward the shooter

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1936 – 2021

Loved, Respected, and Adored

Lillian Butts Wright, a gentle, sweet-spoken woman whose love for her Baptist church was exceeded only by her love for her family, passed peacefully into the loving arms of Jesus at her home in Milledgeville, GA—her children at her side. Lillian transitioned from earth to Heaven to sit at the right hand of Jesus on Saturday, November 27, 2021. She was 85.

Although her siblings called their sister Lillian, only her daddy called her Sugar. The name suited her to perfection as Lillian was genuinely one of the sweetest people on earth.

Born November 11, 1936, in Baldwin County, GA, Lillian was the youngest of eleven children of Lila Macklin Butts (1896-1978) and Tullie Butts, Sr. (1892-1977), both native residents of Hancock County. While Tullie worked, Lila cared for their expanding brood. Times were hard, but the church-going family remained close all their lives. Lillian, especially, learned that caring for others was the finest expression of love.

Determined to care for her children

Lillian married Edward Wright Sr. on December 26th, 1951, and they had three children, Edward in 1953 and Joyce in 1954. The Wrights lived on their paternal grandfather’s 100-acre farm. In 1961, Lillian purchased a home for the young family, located within a block of her mother and father’s home. Marvin came along in 1963.

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1935 to 2021

(Editor’s Note: The below obituary is a reprint of a Fideler Family tribute posted on the Warner Funeral Home website in Spencer, IA. Subheads and below photos supplied by The Preçis.)

Loved fashion and design

Joan Delores Clark was born June 25, 1935, in Sioux City, IA, the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Porter Clark.

Joan loved fashion and design her entire life. As a teen, she worked many jobs in order to put cashmere sweaters and poodle skirts on layaway so she always had a fun new wardrobe in the pipeline (she may have complained when her favorite sister, Judy, would “borrow” and wear them first, but secretly she loved sharing everything with Jude).

Joan graduated from Sioux City Heelan High School in 1953. Using her savings, she bought a 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster, hand-stitched new blue velvet seat covers, and headed west to California. She studied interior design and photography at UCLA. Picnics on the ocean beaches were a favorite she relished again later in life when living in Laguna Woods, CA.

Her spirit of adventure

Joan moved back to Sioux City and worked as a photographer at the Younkers Photography Studio, which provided special photoshoot trips to New York City and North Carolina, further fueling her spirit of adventure.

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