April 18, 1952 to December 1, 2011

By Katharine Blossom Lowrie

A knack for humor

Glorialee McClure understood something about human nature. The Florida bond specialist—a Pembroke Pines resident who dreamed of someday buying a farm and raising animals—preferred laughter to tears. She had a knack for humor, could whip out a wry aside in the time it takes to blink.

It was a familiar refrain, “You could have been a standup comic, Glowie,” people would say. Due to her effervescent nature and sunny approach to life, many called McClure “Glowie.” Others called her “Glo” or “Gloria.”

His mother’s generous spirit

The mother of two sons, Matthew and stepson William, Gloria raised them with equal passion and nobility. Matthew McClure may have summed up his mother’s generous spirit best. “You showed me how to be a man; you taught me how to have a heart; you were my best friend. I could talk to you about anything.”

On Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011, Gloria passed away during the night, a shock to those who saw her as vibrant and healthy the day before.

She was just 59.

The savvy golden-blonde, who could quote movie dialogue at the drop of a hat, brought a sense of fun to everything she did, said Mary Aceves, a coworker at Nielson/Hoover and one of McClure’s dearest friends. “She smiled all the time,” added Aceves, who will especially miss her pal’s delicious way with a joke.

Born on April 18, 1952 in Long Beach, CA to Adel and Robert Fine, Glorialee was the youngest of three children, including brother, Tim, and sister, Lana. She was 7 when the family moved to Miami, Florida, where she engaged in gymnastics and later graduated from Miami Beach High School.

Worked for Nielson, Hoover & Co. for 29 years

A treasured part of the Miami Lakes, FL office of Nielson, Hoover & Company, where she worked for 29 years, Gloria was a Certified Customer Service Representative for large construction accounts. “Glo excelled at dealing with our clients,” Charles Nielson said. “She will be greatly missed by all of us.”

Gloria also served as secretary for the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU), became a notary, and—in that capacity—performed several marriage ceremonies, a special delight.

Always smartly dressed, whether in slacks or a suit, she took pride in her appearance, mascaraed lashes fluttering as she enlivened a gathering with a funny story. She never drank alcohol. “With her humor, she didn’t need to,” Aceves said.

Gloria was briefly married to Roger Hindle, and later to Ken McClure, father of her son, Matthew, and her stepson, William, who she raised as her own. Both of Gloria’s parents preceded her in death.

All rescues

But there remained four precious family members at home: two dogs, Taylor and Bailey, and two cats, Shayna and Dude—all rescues. After a long day in the bond business, she loved nothing better than to return to her townhouse, lively pets smothering her with affection and vice versa.

It was a warm home, books on the shelves, lots of Lladro and Swarovski crystal; porcelain masks of all kinds decorated the walls. “Glo loved masks,” Aceves said. There were photos of her children and her newest pride and joy, grandson, Aydin, William’s child.

A woman of strong character, Gloria was calm, composed, nothing temperamental about her; most of all she was a friend to too many to count.

Gloria McClure is survived by her sons, Matthew and William McClure, William’s wife Shaye; grandson, Aydin; a brother, Tim Fine and his wife, Patty, and a sister, Lana Fine.

A memorial service will be held on January 11, 2012, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, at Boyd Panciera Funeral Home, 6400 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL. Following the service, family and friends are invited for light food and soft drinks.

In lieu of flowers, Gloria would have wanted donations sent to two of her favorite organizations: the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( or the Humane Society of the United States (


  1. Kathy

    I loved writing about Gloria; would have loved that humor!

  2. Rod & Carol Heffern

    Gloria was like a sister and a best friend. Carol practically grew up with Gloria and they were side by side for most of their lives. When we moved to Pembroke Pines, Gloria moved across the street! We shared many wonderful, happy times together, child births, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, the Fine family was an extension of our family. We also shared the sadness that effects all families at one time or another, but we wouldn’t trade those moments and memories for anything. The shock of Gloria’s passing was a reminder how precious life is and it should never be taken for granted, so our family will cherish the good times, the singing of old 60’s songs as we drove around late at night, the get togethers at Timmy’s house, the holidays at our home, the birthday parties everywhere! Gloria left her mark on everyone and she could get emotions out of everyone she met. Gloria and people like her do not come around often, but when they do, cherish the times that you spend together laughing, crying, singing or whatever she pulled out of you because life is short.

  3. Gail Randell

    Gloria was my best friend. I think of her every day. She had the fastest wit and a great sense of humor. Whenever we spoke, she cracked me up. I used to tell her I’d be her agent and we would make a fortune. I miss her dearly.

  4. Rachel Heffern

    I love my Godmother, Gloria. Having her close while I was growing up enriched my life in so many ways. She was my second mother and she always said that I was her birthday present since I was born the day after her birthday. I am going to miss her smile, her laugh and her hugs. I will cherish the memories of “Aunt Glowie” always. Losing her is very hard and painful for me, she was a special woman. It hurts this bad because she was simply that great!

  5. Janet Del Mastro

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Gloria’s family and friends. Gloria will be so missed by so many! She had a great sense of humor and was a sweet loving person.

  6. Merryl O'Rork

    Gloria was one of those very special gals who added joy to the day just by her warm greeting and always big, pretty smile. We worked in the same bldg. “Offices In The Lakes” for many years, so my encounters were brief, but always very memorable. She radiated beauty, inside & out…we often had “cat” talks, passionate about the kitties; she fed the outdoor strays. Her genuine concern about everyone she met was endearing.

    My deep condolences & prayers to all her family and many great friends.

    Merryl O’Rork

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