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Touched many lives

[Editors Note: Loved reading James Haberlen’s tribute to Keanu.]

RIP our beloved Keanu. It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved cat, “Keanu”. We are heartbroken. Keanu was diagnosed with a severe case of lymphoma cancer on Friday and needed to be put to sleep. He was barely 6 years old.

I’m posting [on Nextdoor] because I know how many lives he touched, particularly those who walked the block of Rockefeller between Rindge and Blossom during the pandemic. He was hands down the most special and unique cat I have ever met. Since we first found and adopted him from the under the power lines on Rockefeller 5 years ago, he’s brought endless love and laughter to us and the folks who walk by the Rockefeller/ Rindge area.

Keanu was a fierce hunter (sorry Ms. Virginia), stalker of big dogs who dared make eye contact with him (his bushy tail was iconic!), lover of children in strollers and anyone who wanted to say hello on King or Rockefeller when he perched himself 30 feet up on top of our house looking across his kingdom. He was our outside lion as his collar read.

We miss him dearly and invite you to share any Keanu stories you have. God bless our little buddy. Wish you were still with our family.

Xoxo, James Haberlen


My kitties loved it too.





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