December 5, 1941 to December 2, 2019

“The heart and soul of our family”

Cleo Patricia Curd—a quiet philanthropist and intensely devoted wife, mother, and entrepreneur, whose creativity and intellect served family, friends and community alike—passed away on December 2nd, in Las Vegas, NV, her husband at her side.

She was 77.

“Cleo” did not like her first name and insisted on being called Pat. It suited the San-Francisco-raised gal with the mid-Western temperament just fine. When her kids called her “the heart of our family”, you believed it. Yet, her inventive flair and compassionate nature made for the gracious, sophisticated, caring person she was. Frequently referred to as “sweet Pat”, she was not only sweet she was also smart and ambitious. And she loved a good joke.  Continue reading “CLEO PATRICIA CURD”