Here’s what people say about us:

Posted by Ericka Carter

Kathy wrote my father’s obituary, she did a great job. I didn’t know where to start, however she took what I gave and ran with it. I could never have accomplished anything that eloquent. I would not hesitate to use her again. Her writing style Is truly a gift.  

Posted by Terri Curd

Kathy, you and The Precis are awesome! Don’t know what I would have done without you! 

Posted by Mindy Leone Kouirinis

I recently heard from a friend after quite some time. In her search to locate me, she came across a “wonderful tribute to your dad,” she said. She proceeded to tell me how much she learned about me through Daddy’s story. Once again, thanks and love to Kathy Lowrie, the fabulous writer. Love you, Mindy 

Posted by Jennifer Juliet Stark

Kathy, you’ve written the most eloquent piece about my dad. Considering my jumbled notes and hurried emails, it’s hard to believe you could come up with such flowing prose! I’ll never forget the experience of working with you. You helped me at this difficult time with your humor and genuine concern. I just can’t say enough.

Posted by Bonnie Daybell

I started following The Precis when a close friend’s obituary was posted. It was beautifully written and a tribute enjoyed by all.  Since then I have become fascinated  by the stories posted by others, from a beloved pet to celebrities to the young man that bravely fought for extra years of life. These are more like mini-memoirs, providing insight to others and including things you may never have known about a relative, colleague or dear friend. Kathy Lowrie wrote my ex-husband’s obituary and did a splendid job! Love her work.